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Customer experience app that is simple to use for you and your business, Download Fitbrix today its free.

Our Goal

Everything you need to

Do it all

Count customers
Manage queues
Stand out from the crowd

Count Customers

Comply with contact register requirements in your area and manage your businesses capacity and availability all from one app

Manage Queues

Your team can see how many customers are inside and on the way to your business in real time. Your customers can see when you are busy and easily join a virtual queue

  • Inside
  • Available
  • On the way

Do more with Fitbrix

Features to show you care
Save money
Save time
Location privacy
Secure Messages
Much More
Founded in Australia by 3 Best Friends
Registered in 6 short months
Saved in compliance fines already

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Comply with government regulations in minutes and give your loyal customers the service they have always wanted