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Introducing the new Fitbrix app

Mark Dalton

Welcome to Fitbrix

Where fitting in matters

If you like socialising but always wonder where is the right place to go and when??

Your decision making just got a whole lot easier.

“Its better than booking, Its business on Demand.”
  • You can now see how many spaces are available at your favorite business in real time.
  • You can see when its busy and join a virtual queue before you leave your home, office or bunker.
  • You now know where you can fit in at a moments notice depending on how busy your day is

As a business user you and your team have the ability to do great things for your customers and employees

  • Register contact details securely without using QR codes
  • Count customers as they arrive to your premises
  • View and show how many are inside and on the way at all times.
  • Message privately though the app
  • Give outstanding service so your business can survive and thrive long into the future.
  • Pandemic proof your business today

It started with an idea

One day ( long before the pandemic ) while looking for motivation to go the gym, I asked myself what is the best way to see if my local gym was busy before I left my apartment??

I was even scrawnier then than I am now so I really did not want to have to worm my way around the big boys to use the equipment. I jokingly asked friends and family how they get around these daily obstacles and after some strange looks I found that they had the same issues at so many other places.

Places like their favorite waffle house for breakfast or that quiet beer after work.

"We dreamed of an app that showed us exactly how many people are inside the places we wanted to go."

So we started conducting experiments to see how this could be achieved.

First we rolled out the drive by method, we've all been there... Its date night with your partner, you drive by your favourite restaurants on main street looking for somewhere nice to eat.. some nights you do so many laps you almost run out of fuel.

So we got in our car and drove around analyzing the social landscape, counting cars in the carpark then worked out the ratio of cars to equipment in our head and see was now the best time for me to get those well needed gains.

Sadly this turned out to be pretty unreliable as you would expect, damn fitness freaks will walk or run to the gym making our calculations almost impossible

Booking systems were next on the agenda and we had to see if that could quench our thirst for getting where we needed to go, on our terms.

This was definitely a better solution but something still felt so mechanical about it all, having to work out a suitable time between your busy schedule and the unknown schedule of the business.

"What if we wanted to go right now... Computer says no... Damn!"

Business is fully booked, and depending on the system you may never know if someone cancels last minute because you have moved on to the next place.

Meanwhile your dreams of getting into that Saturday morning yoga session are now long gone

Then a global pandemic arrived on our doorstep coming with it unique restrictions on capacity and social distancing

We recognized that now was the time to apply our research and knowledge into creating the ideal solution.

We have adapted quickly to the needs of our local businesses, friends and family by creating a powerful yet simple to use mobile app that gives businesses and customers a new way to engage with the changing world around them

What is in it for you?

We have consulted local and state governments, businesses of all sizes and individuals just like you to design a user friendly app that shows you exactly what you need to know

  • Capacity - Know your limit - You and your crew need places to go
  • Availability - Can you fit in? Your worst nightmare is being turned away at the door
  • Transparency - can you see this from anywhere? Your time is precious

What is in it for your Business?

We comply with all contact register requirements, ensuring user location and business data is secured with military grade encryption

Our early testers absolutely love the product and we are soon to support any staffed venue which can be setup within minutes

  • food and licensed venues (restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, taverns, nightclubs)
  • gyms, indoor sporting centres, wellness centres, health clubs and fitness centres
  • indoor play centres
  • saunas and bathhouses
  • swimming pool, both indoors and outdoors
  • places of worship, and funeral parlours
  • beauty and personal care services (hairdressers, barbers, nail salons, tattoo parlours, spa and massage parlours)
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